Sunday, August 11, 2013

"The Lord does not ask about our ability or inability, but only about our availability" July 15, 2013

Mom and Dad and the family: 
When I told the other elders here with me that you had taken the time to suggest the missionaries go over to see some friends, they all with unison said: "YEAH!" I'm beaming to think that my family is doing the work of the Lord just as much as I am trying to do. The work is just incredible isn't it? We had an opportunity to meet with a wonderful girl named Irina and her son Gleb that is 11 years old. She's been through a lot. Because of transfers this week and a whole lot of running around (including 6 new sister missionaries!), we were quite busy, but not too busy to take the time to stop and follow the promptings of the Spirit. We were trying to go through our area book and look at former investigators since we now have our own area and are not just traveling missionaries! It means double the work, but double the blessings! We found Irina's record and thought to call her even though the note said that she always just hung up on the missionaries. She answered, and we were able to meet with her! What a miracle. She's seen a lot of horrible things in her life where Satan has succeeded in ripping herself and her family apart. But that's where we come in. How many people in this life just silently scream for the blessings of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, but kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it? (see D&C 123:12) And we have the privilege to say: "There really is a way to be clean. Completely." Isn't that a beautiful message? Of course it is! It's the most beautiful message in the world! And for all those who may read this who have not yet heard the message I carry with me everyday, I urge you to follow the gut-feeling you've had for ages now and find the missionaries and take part in the miracles God is offering all of us! 

I think my zeal for this work and love for the Lord and my brothers and sisters increases every day and without a doubt, so does my happiness. We had the opportunity to be over at a member's house yesterday and just to get acquainted and see just what miracles that we could work with them. As we spoke together they talked about how when meeting the missionaries, they would have never thought that their children would serve missions, that they could go to the temple, that Brother Trunov would be a branch president, or that their children would be married in the temple and one would be studying at  BYU I. However they taught an important lesson that their missionaries told them when the doubts came: "All you need to be is worthy." They are so worthy and the Lord has made the way. They were on the verge of tears as we expressed gratitude for all that they did for the missionaries and for their desires to serve the Gospel. Sister Trunov was practically on the brink of tears because she wanted to do missionary work so badly and help her family and her friends, but just didn't know how to do it. I want to have that kind of desire to serve the Lord. If we have desires, we are called to the work (D&C 4:3). And like Elder Maxwell beautifully put: "The Lord does not ask about our ability or inability, but only about our availability. And if we prove our dependability, the Lord will take care of our capability." Its just so fun to give it all to the Lord and see what he will make of you and those around you through you!

I love you all so much!

Elder Claypool 

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