Sunday, August 11, 2013

Letter to Chris - "No discouragement" Aug. 5, 2013

I don't think that it would be possible to be discouraged with the amazingly uplifting letters that you send me every week. They always make me smile. They often make me laugh out loud...and they often make me laugh out loud with my companion. Thanks for your inspiration on sending me that letter about discouragement. I am growing to love the Book of Mormon even more. I also love the Holy Bible.

The Preach My Gospel manual also stresses that the Book of Mormon contains the answers to the soul. These can be typical answers regarding the plan of salvation or they can be very specific questions regarding our personal circumstances. First and foremost the Book of Mormon teaches the Plan of Salvation clearly, thus answering any questions about life accordingly. It also teaches the pure ordinances and principles of the Gospel that when understood properly can be applied to any circumstance, thus answering any of those questions accordingly. However, "It teaches that prayer and revelation are the key to solving particular problems. It helps us have faith that God will answer our prayers" (PMG107).

In Preach My Gospel it also talks about the importance of again and again receiving a witness that Moroni's Promise is I did again this last week. I had just read a bit here, a bit there and was learning a ton. Right now I'm reading the Book of Mormon in Russian and taking note of all the saving doctrines taught in the Book of Mormon. It's an incredible holy book. So I got on my knees and prayed to Heavenly Father asking if the Book of Mormon is true. Right then, as usual, no distinct answer came; however, as the days progressed I had a powerful experience. As I was having a rough day, I was able to just open the Book of Mormon and read the words of Alma to his son Shiblon. The words were so peaceful and helped me to realize that the Lord is really proud of me...that I can still improve, but that the Lord loves me. On top of that in studying for an investigator and his questions, I was able to literally find the exact question in the Book of Mormon he had and the answer directly written from thousands of years ago. That book is from God and teaches the necessary doctrines of the Gospel better than any other book...I think as members of the Church we forget how blessed we are to have that Book and modern day revelation...and how much we are responsible to carry that message to all the world. Thanks dad for being a mortal extension of my Father in Heaven. You really love me and mom and our help me to realize just what our Father in Heaven feels for me. Take Moroni's challenge again and take the challenge to every family! I love you!

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