Sunday, March 3, 2013

Go and Do The Things The Lord Commands - Feb. 18,2013

I'm so glad that your week was well and that you are having some wonderful learning experiences as parents with Korm.  Both of you seriously did so well in raising me and I still attribute so much to you. 

Our new area is wonderful and there is a whole new side of missionary work that I see now. There is a lot more to do with numbers, follow-ups, exchanges (exchanges means when missionaries trade companions for a day to learn from each other and learn areas), but I am so grateful for my companion (reminder: he is from Germany). He is a wonderful example to me and teaches me so much. We were able to have an inspiring district leader's council and zone meetings too with all these hard-working and dedicated missionaries. It felt strange that here I am sitting at the head of a table to lead them when all the other missionaries sitting in front of me are all more experienced...needless to say, when they spoke, I was taking notes as I knew I could learn from them too.  A good leader needs to realize he or she has much to learn from the people they associate with.

One thing that I was thinking about a lot lately was just my duty and who I am. In our Zone Meeting we talked about who we are as missionaries. I thought about just what it meant to represent Jesus Christ. Elder Southam, a senior couple missionary, shared a powerful metaphor between the military uniform and our missoinary uniform in relation to our calling. When a person salutes in the military, it means three things: I understand; I will go and do; I will return and report. This simply explains missionary work. We need to understand our duty first. When Jacob, a prophet in the Book of Mormon talks about his duty, he feels guilty before God to think that those for whom he has stewardship are so guilty in sin. I want that kind of duty rooted in my soul. Then it's the actual doing that makes such a difference. I really want to become a person that is not driven by whimsical desires and acted upon, but a person who sets goals and moves forward for the benefit of others. Then, the idea of returning and reporting is more meaningful.  Accountability is a principle of heaven that as missionaries and members we often don't put enough thought into. In a way, I am giving an account to you, my patriarchal leader of my family. Also, I write a letter to my mission president every week (Pres. Camperos from Bolivia), and in my prayers every night, I should be providing an accounting to the Lord. These principles help us fulfill our roles and responsibilities in life and the callings we have been foreordained to fulfill. 

I love you all very much. I really do have a testimony that all of this is true. It changes my life and helps me to move forward. 

Elder Claypool

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