Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Change is a constant for all" Feb. 11,2013

Good morning !

Well, I am in a new area and with a new companion...this one's from Germany! He is fantastic! Thankfully, he speaks fluent English so my brain gets to rest a little.

From last Wednesday a lot has happened in me and my focus, and I am so grateful to God for all that happened. In addition to these changes which can create discomfort of the unknown, I am blessed to take on additional responsibilities with more change. Right now I'm currently serving as 1 of 2 Zone Leaders in Donets'k with my companion, Elder Zacherl. When I was given this calling at our transfer meeting I was pretty shaken to say the least and did not at all expect it. I had an overwhelming feeling of duty come over me and just that I had now an even larger responsibility. Thankfully, the Lord doesn't let me sit in my own thoughts of incorrectness: The next thought was "why is it that now you feel a responsibility when the last 7 months of your mission you have been placed with a sacred calling to preach the Gospel?" Because of the calling to serve these missionaries, my determination, resilience, and desire to do my best has increased. For that reason, one of the things we are going to be talking about in our zone meeting with all the missionaries is what their calling really means. If I had truly understood the nature of my holy calling as a missionary, then I have no doubt that my dedication and determination, and consecration would have increased. I suppose everything takes time and that is why we learn precept upon precept and step-by-step, here a little and there a little. Like the righteous people of the Book of Mormon, we need to help all members keep in the forefront of their mind their duty and privilege to be such.

Another eye-opener for me this week was to sit on a council of leaders from all across the mission to give a reporting of our work and to receive, plan, and execute the will of the Lord for our mission. An incredible opportunity!

Thank you mom and dad for always being an incredible example to me and for being someone I can look to as an example of Christ-like leadership.

I love you. Glad that all your conferences and firesides went well!

Random fact:
In Russian, the word for rich (bugati) deals with receiving riches from God, or having his riches. Truly without God, we are not truly rich.

A good one-liner from our mission right now is ----- Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Elder MaKade C Claypool
Ukraine Donetsk Mission

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