Monday, October 29, 2012


I too had a really cool experience this last week that has to do with following the Spirit. So this last week, we had an incredible zone conference with President Campero who is one of my favorite people in the whole world (and I hope you felt his amazingness though his letter to you) In our interview we talked about my companion and he actually is thinking that he'll let Elder Harvey and I stay together for the last 4 weeks of his mission too! So, our zone conference got us all pumped up to do missionary work, and we actually got a lot of contacts on the bus even! Like Samuel Jones, our missionaries are becoming so fearless, we're trying really hard just to go to everyone everywhere even standing up on a bus and talking pretty loud. ;) SO this one night I was feeling pretty bad because my own desires were swelling in me and my pride too. I didn't feel like we were being led by the Spirit, and to make things worse, we really weren't seeing any success in people even wanting to talk with us. But we managed to get a contact and then headed to an apartment complex to go tracting. Without really thinking that it was an impression, we decided to go into this dorm right after we had walked passed it. We rode the lift to the top floor as usual but as soon as we got off, we realized that there was 3 people on the floor below and because of the openness of the stairwells, they of course would hear about a little awkward... ;) so we sat there, not sure what to do, but then I thought, well, lets just walk pass them. So we did. Down the stairs we went, passed the two ladies and one guy. However, before we could pass them, they stopped us, asked who we were and then promptly informed us that they had just returned from a cemetery since their family member had died 4 days earlier. "Where is Victor?" they asked, and then, in one of the most powerful experiences ever in my mission, we stood there on a random stairwell at 8 pm and testified of the Plan of Salvation, that they would see them again and that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we would be able to live for eternity with our families - together forever. We, like Alma and Amulek to the Zoramites, took turns explaining key gospel principles, testifying powerfully, and supporting one another. We spoke of the Book...the Book of Mormon, the Book that we have from Almighty God given to us to restore those plain and precious truths that we lost in the mistranslations of the Bible. His truth in fulness is restored to the Earth. There has not been a time in my mission that I felt more like I was fulfilling my purpose as a missionary bring the good news to those who need it and helping them come unto Christ. The crazy thing, after we answered their questions and talked for over 30 minutes, they refused to meet with us because they had their own church (slam head on ;) ) But you know what, that night, we, despite our feelings of lack of guidance, tried our best, fulfilled our purpose, and ultimately did everything we could and were able to be completely comfortable with the result. Yeah, it was frustrating. Incredibly. But here now we have 3 people from three different families who all know and now can take the message to their families...and they have our number ;)

This work is true. I love you all so much, and know that life is just a matter of Choosing the Savior and then following that Spirit that whispers so quietly to do what is best for us.

His hand is in our Lives!

Elder Claypool

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