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Hello everyone,
Well, I think you might just have to light a fire under one at a time in the future because holy cow I was blessed with letters today! So you'll have to forgive me if this one is a little short ;) Its so amazing to see that the family is doing so well and just how incredible it is to hear from all of them. To hear of your example is always strengthening to me too. Sometimes in life we think that we need to be recognizable and prominent to make a difference, but to me, some of the biggest heroes throughout history are the ones who just do what they're supposed to because the Lord said so. People like Abbish from the book of Mormon who helped to convert so many Lamanites by simple sharing what she knew, or the dedicated deacons quorum advisor who loves his boys enough to pray for them individually by name, or the parents who do all they can with all the tears and joy to raise a son or daughter up to the potential the Lord sees in them. (OH and by the way, you don't fit into any of those categories because you're definitely at the top of my list in prominence :) So, without further ado (and yes I bought my winter stuff, hence why the larger withdrawal from by credit card...we can talk about the costs later ;), here is the highlights from this last week:

First off and foremost,

For anyone who is reading this letter, I hope that you're catching the drift of what the Brethren are getting at: SERVE A MISSION!! If your 18 and a young man, 19, and a young woman, or an elder couple who can serve, please do so. There is no more compelling or more important work than this. If you have doubts, read the scriptures, pray, and be humble enough to receive and answer from Heavenly Father as to whether or not a full-time mission is the plan for you. If not the full-time (and I speak now to only young women and elderly -- young men, you know the call is already there), then please consider how best you can be a missionary for life in the sphere and the circumstances that the Lord has blessed you with. The field is white already to harvest right around you. Remember that you are all on missions serving in the mission to which you were all called: Mortality. With the Gospel at your side and the desire to serve God, not only will you come unto Christ, but you will help others also, for all a missionary is, is one who loves God enough to let the light of Christ shine through them to invite others and themselves to come unto Him.

Continuing... ;)

This week was actually incredibly difficult but incredible rewarding. It's pretty frustrating at times when your weaknesses, shortcomings, and seemingly 'lack of success' begins to pile up. But, how grateful I am for it! There were times this week where we lost one of our most promising investigators, were dogged by some of our others, and ignored by others. There were days where no one wanted to talk with us, and I really hit a wall. I found myself this week really coming to terms with myself, what kind of missionary I was going to be, and the choices I was going to make. Deep down inside, we all want to be like Nephi, but unfortunately innately are more like Laman and Lemuel ;) We murmur in our heart of hearts and often view the burdens of life without deciding how to solve them and deciding to be grateful. If there is one thing that the Lord keeps teaching me here on the mission is that we always have the power of choice. I love a quote by a man named James Allen in a book called "As a Man Thinketh:" -"Man is only subject to his circumstances until he realizes that he is master over them." Heavenly Father has given us all the abilities and powers to be agents of ourselves, and gave us the best example and the most encouragement he could to help us choose this true way to happiness, even Jesus Christ. Many people don't understand this and even today I'm still working on this, but we all have a choice. Here are a few things this week that helped me make the choice to go against the natural man and chose the Savior:

1. The Sacrament-This last week, I was able to partake of the sacrament and truly feel the cleansing power of the Atonement. With a fast on top of it and a prayer in my heart, I was able to be strengthened and come closer to my Savior.

2. Service- To love and serve others is something that cannot be left out of our lives. When we see others for who they can be and not for who they simply are now, we can truly love as the Lord loves

3. Prayer- Really pray to the Father! You have the opportunity to pray to the greatest most loving being in the Universe and He will hear you!

4. Simply Choosing to do what you know is right-kick when you don't want to kick, love when you don't want to love, and do everything you can to defy the natural self that says you cant.

I don't have very much time today to write, but know that I am absolutely certain that the Lord is on our side. The Question of Life is, Will you choose to be on His.

I love you all so much and will promise pictures and stories next week.

Elder Claypool

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