Sunday, September 30, 2012

Best Birthday Present to Mom! Poem written by Elder Claypool

The Mark of a Missionary Mom


As I sit with tag on chest,

Wondering what makes my life the best,

I think of my friends and family in all,

And in my thoughts, my mom stands tall.


I thought to myself, “What makes a mom,

To raise a missionary big and strong?”

And so with great pleasure, I present to you all

“The Mark of a Missionary Mom standing tall”.


Of course the first trait that I must address,

That makes a mom the missionary’s best,

Is her keen sense of prayer with all her heart

As she pleads to the Lord to do her part,

Day in and day out, the missionary feels

Her strength and faith from all her appeals.

And when day is through and desires are short,

The missionary knows he’s in her heart.


Secondly, as one would seemingly guess

A missionary mom is inspired at her best.

In letters and emails he surely can feel

How the Spirit speaks with such zeal.

Her words though simple (as she would think)

Are truly life changing when hearts do sink.

And so with relish he looks forward when

He can read her words and be uplifted again.


Of course, moms are teachers!  That title is earned

Because from day 1 many lessons are learned.

She sure hopes he cleans, makes his bed and bathes,

And eats quite nutritious doing all that she says.

Though he may not clean as often as he should,

Or eats as healthy as mom’s cooking could.

He does remember those lessons in fine,

And loves and reveres his teacher sublime.


But what you ask is the trait above the rest,

The trait that creates a missionary mom best,

It is love pure and simple in all that she does

Because the missionary knowing this will be the best there ever was

Having felt her love he will give love again,

Healing in a country where only love can.

But most of all this love will forward

Her missionary son to Christ the Lord.


So just in case you were wondering how

I came up with the traits to which missionaries bow,

Why, it was you!  My mother, who’s helped me so,

To become and progress on earth below.

So know that I love you and try to emulate

And be like your wonderful chocolate cake,

But really all joking put aside,

I love my mom



Down inside!



Happy Birthday Mom!

Sept. 2012

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