Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feb 10, 2014


You're letters are always inspiring and help me to do better. The mission has been so wonderful! And it will continue to be so. I not long ago read that advice from Elder Ballard that you sent me and it just hit me how wonderful our Father in Heaven is, how much he really does ask of us, how much he has the right to ask that much of us, and just how much I want to give my all. This week was pretty quiet with not may ups and downs but a lot of wonderful opportunities to serve. There's more to be done...but I'm moving forward.

Volodia is doing well to, but pray for him to give up smoking. He's having a hard time doing so, but he really is gaining a testimony of the truth of all that we teach. The Gospel changes hearts. When we reach out to God, God reaches back, and when God reaches back, hearts are changed. There is nothing like your investigator calling you and saying: "I don't have many minutes left on my phone, but I just wanted to call and say thanks for all that you do." He even came up to me and showed me a verse that he had found in the Doctrine and Covenants after praying for an answer from God, opening the scriptures up, and receiving a clear and direct answer. And this man was practically athiest little over a month ago! The Gospel changes hearts!

We have our other investigators that are doing well too and studying the Gospel (one called us and told us about the things that he learned while studying the Gospel principles manual yesterday at work since he was unable to come to church. It is just a blessed time Mom. I love my Savior and am coming to know him better and better with each passing day...the path is long, but I'm walking it. 

I love you! Thank you for your support!
Elder Claypool

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