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"Plan of Salvation" - 10/28/13

10/28 Post
Unfortunately I don't have much time today, but I'm so grateful for your letter and confidence! It is a liberating thing to be able to be yourself around those who you know love you! 

This last week was absolutely amazing week in that it was all focused on the Plan of Salvation. Some times, a lot of times actually, we forget in the church just what we have. We have the plan that was created by God in its full splendor. Have you ever thought what gives you strength to carry on? What allows you to live through hardships and not give up? We were able to meet with a man this week that literally rocked my understanding of life, of the Gospel, and of the Plan of Salvation. He only wanted a few things in life, received none of them, and more than that, he sees the powers of Satan reigning oh the more terribly as time continues on. I find it hard to believe in a God that would allow such things to happen to His children that he supposedly loves, is what he would say. Because of it, he has become completely hopeless...the thing is that we are all not too far from that in some point of our lives or another. We have hardships and trials that seem to be above our ability or control. The doctrines of freedom of choice, hope, faith, enduring to the end, etc. really lose their appeal when we are going through the fires of affliction. However, in short form I just want to reemphasize basic truths that will help us get through anything if we keep them in our minds and choose to hold to them:

1. God really is our Loving Heavenly Father in the literal sense. Don't let philosophies or difficulties of faith take this precious truth from any of your hearts: We are His children and He loves us. Allow that thought to sink into your heart. What does that mean to know that He really does love you?

2. We are children of God. Within every single one of us is the seeds of godliness just waiting to be kindled and nourished. We have it in us to do all things with our Father's help/ Think about that. 

3. God created us to become like Him. This is the fundamental truth that answers the question of our existence: We are created and exist to become as our Father in Heaven, to receive all His blessings, to live in our eternal families, and to continue to progress throughout the eternities. We are not some kind of crude experiment or level with the animals created around us. We are created to become like Him. Think about that. 

4. Our progression depends completely, solely, and wholly on who? Us. We are the ones that have to choose. In all reality it's not going to matter to Heavenly Father where we lived, how much we earned, what our health was like, or what our circumstances are: He will simply asked as the master did to the servants that he gave various numbers of talents too in the New Testament, "What did you make with what you were given?" We were created to act and not to be acted upon. Although it may seem that we have no choice because of what is around us, never forget that the Being that is greater that all that seems to effect us day-to-day gave us the gift of agency to choose. Think about that.

5. Trials are a necessary tool for growth. Just as gold much burned to get rid of all the impurities, if we keep in mind what we were created for and just what we need to become, we realize that not only is the refiners fire a blessing, but absolutely necessary for our progression. We can then accept trials as not burdens, but blessings. Think about that.  

6. Our Savior Jesus Christ was sent on this earth so that we would not have to walk the path to perfection alone as he did. Use his help. Its free to all who seek it. Think about that.

How grateful I am that we have this plan of Salvation that allows me to have purpose in life, a path that I am walking, and peace in my heart that all will be okay. This plan is from God and perfect at that. I encourage you not only to believe what you read or hear, but get on your knees and ask God in prayer, whether it be the first time or the fiftieth time, to find out if this is really from Him. I know he answers His children because he loves us, we are his children, and we are created to become like Him, through the help of our Savior, if we so choose to so do. Love you Mom! 

Elder Claypool
I'm so sorry that I don't have much time to write this week... I love you and I printed off your letter to read it.

I lead my first funeral service today of a less-active lady in our branch here...we dedicated the grave as truly is amazing what you learn on your mission and how that prepares you...thanks for being a shining example of the priesthood for me.

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