Sunday, June 16, 2013

"time is short, but we have it to make the most of it." - June 10, 2013

Hello mom!
Thank you for your letter and for all that you are doing for our Heavenly Father. More than anything I am always happiest when I am able to read about your sacrifices and efforts to do just what I have the privilege of doing every day. It's so wonderful to hear that all my friends are returning from their's just crazy to think that over a year ago I was just starting the mission...and a year from today I will be home. This time is too short, but we have it to make the most of it. Tell the twins that they are wonderful and that I am sending them letters since I was so behind on everything. But I love you all so much! Dad is definitely an amazing man! 

So, because of my schedule with not having an area and really having the whole mission as my area....its kind of hard to give stories that are specific or about investigators. The majority of this last week was literally just planning. We became secretaries this week it seemed like in planning for President Soares of the seventy coming this Sunday, President Campero leaving, and we pretty much planned out by the hour what President Lochhead's first week in the mission will be like. So we've done a lot of that and it was pretty difficult. It was mainly difficult because there is so much to know and often so little time....but Elder Butterworth is absolutely amazing, wise, and way ahead of his years. I learn from him every day and am so grateful for him. In general, our daily schedules are just what we make them to be. Sometimes we are in different cities, in the office, with President Campero till 9:30 at night, and sometimes we're just trying to lift the missionaries. It was absolutely wonderful to be able to go back to my old branch in my first area and to be greeted by Nina, her granddaugther, and all the members that I had grown to love. They didn't remember my name, but I could see a light of recognition and love in their eyes and that was so fulfilling. 
We also had the opportunity to have the first Mission Leadership Council with the new Sister Training Sisters. It was a little crazy being at the head of the table when I just came to that council a few months ago...but I can testify that the Lord is in the wood-work of this mission. He is guiding us and preparing us all. I wasn't as diligent in general as I could have been this week, but with the sacrament as my reset button and a desire to know my duty and fulfill it, I am ready for this new chapter of service in my life. Thank you for your support and giving me the drive to be better. Tell them all happy birthday again from me!

Elder Claypool

PS. Kolya is doing wonderful, received the Aaronic priesthood and his whole family is now investigating. Even if I only live vicariously through these missionaries, I still feel the joy and excitement. 
PPS - To have a less active returning is very rewarding isn't it? Thank you for loving Heavenly Father enough to give that little bit more for his child. 

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