Sunday, December 23, 2012


As for this week, i have a really cool story to share with you:

It was a pretty busy week this week in Ukraine with a lot of miracles working with members, and also Satan working on me really hard to destroy the support and unity with my companion. He's only got 12 days left and Satan is working 24/7 (speaking of, there were two nights this week without electricity that we ended up having to go to the store to buy candles and only having Christmas candles to choose was a good memory!) So, needless to say, there was a lot that happened this week. One instance in particular was one of the coolest spiritual prompting stories I've had: We had a lesson with a member in the branch one night that lived only 15 min bus ride from our apartment. We walked to his place but the weirdest thought before we rang his door came to mind: "cancel the meeting." This member wasn't inactive, but wasn't super active or has many friends in the branch so I though it wouldn't be the best to I didn't know what my companion would think. But after fighting with myself I told my companion I felt that we should cancel with him for some reason I didnt know and then my wonderful companion trusting me called him and canceled the meeting. That is trust in my opinion, especially because being on a lesson is so much better at times than contacting or tracting when you're not in a good mood. He trusted me nonetheless. Upon calling him, we found out that he was doing a remodeling of his apartment and couldn't anyways, so at least that worked out, however, the Lord didn't not want us there so that we didn't interrupt the remodel. We thought that it would be good to maybe go visit our less-actives who actually lived in the next complex. We had already scheduled an appointment with this less-active the following Saturday, but decided to go there anyways. Not only was she there, and let us in, but her nephew, Nestor, who lives in a remote area of our area with his non-member mom and grandma who wont let us meet with him, was there too. I definitely doubted that it was a prompting at first, but when we are seeking to do right and simply follow what the Lord inspires us to do, even when we do not now 100% if it is a prompting, He will not leave us wanting. He's definitely helping us here in Ukraine and everywhere too!

I love you all!

Elder Claypool

PS- not cold at all and just rainy here :)

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